May Your Luxury Designer Wardrobe Always Be With You!

Would you like your favorite designer clothes to meet you at your destination, rather than riding in a suitcase? You can easily arrive with your clothes wrinkle-free, looking as fresh as the day you bought them by using Garde Robe. Garde Robe’s Virtual Closet is the equivalent of buying your favorite designer outfit and leaving it at the professional dry cleaners to store and care for it until you wear it.

Whatever you send to Garde Robe will be stored and cared for at their climate-controlled facility, so there’s no reason to make room in your closet anymore. Everything you submit to your Virtual Closet is photographed and documented. You may also include accessories (handbags, belts, shawls, ties, toiletry kits, etc.), luggage, sports equipment, textiles of any kind, footwear and furs.

When it’s time for your next brilliant affair and, for example, you live in Miami and want to wear a particular dress on an occasion in New York, log into your account and tell them when you need it and where you are staying. They do the rest, meaning they professionally pack and ship it to where you are staying, freshly dry cleaned. When you are done with it, they will pick it up from you and send it back to your virtual closet.

If you don’t need storage, pick-up and delivery is still available. The Cyber Closet inventory of your wardrobe will also allow you to see what you are keeping at your other homes. You can create outfits or ensembles in seconds, using the Virtual Stylist. The photographs of your items can be used for insurance purposes as well.

Moving around with an invisible valet…it’s the LivinLux way!

Photo Courtesy of Garde Robe Services

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