A Phantom with a Gallery unveiled in South Beach

Sir Henry Royce introduced the Phantom in 1925. It is the oldest, longest standing model name in automotive history. It began as a luxury ride and to this day, in spite of flashier, more exotic, more expensive, sportier cars, it remains the ultimate choice of transport of the rich and powerful.

Miami Beach recently hosted the unveiling of the newest (eighth) generation: Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII, complete with new architecture and a personalized gallery. Meanwhile, it promises to be the most technologically advanced car in the British luxury car maker’s portfolio.

The Phantom VIII is redesigned and re-engineered to be the grandest car by Rolls-Royce

The Gallery is a novel idea, new with this car. Encompassing the entire dashboard, customers may create their own self-expressive exhibition. Sculptures of feathers or jewels, or paintings sit behind the standard glass and are meticulously displayed while meeting strict automotive standards.

The chauffeur still is presented with the digital driving functions while the rear seats are stacked like a theater so the occupants may have full view of the artwork.

A single piece of metal is twisted, milled and molded to look like it is floating for "The Gallery" on the dashboard

A golden idea for customer self-expression being introduced in the new Phantom

The Rolls Royce concept of delivering customization is completely unique. You ask and they build. They deliver to you a completely exclusive piece of art. Each luxury auto is constructed by a team of up to 60 people per car. Collaborative efforts of goldsmith jewelers, Chinese artists, nautical designers are but a few who are incorporated to reach perfection.

A new all-aluminum spaceframe architecture is much more rigid than the one it replaces. It ensures a superior ride, generous cabin space, and perfect acoustics and comfort. With more than 130kg of sound insulation and the use of high absorption materials, a sanctuary-like environment is achieved.

Inside offers a new level of effortlessness and a relaxed sensory experience, here in the long wheelbase

The new Phantom benefits from a completely new engine. To create the quietest motorcar in the world, a silent engine was required which meant more low-end output at lower rpm’s to ensure the silence. Thus, a new 6.75-liter V12 engine with 563 bhp and an eight-speed automatic gearbox is introduced.

Chief Executive Officer Torsten Müller-Ötvös: “As this next chapter in the Rolls-Royce story opens, the new Phantom points the way forward for the global luxury industry. It is a creation of great beauty and power, a dominant symbol of wealth and human achievement. It is an icon and an artwork that embraces the personal desires of each of our individual customers.”

We at LivinLux agree and are pleased to see the introduction take place right here in Miami, embracing the essence of LivinLux Miami Style!

Behind the scenes of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII interior design

Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 debut at Setai Miami Beach

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