Intrapreneurial Groups

Intra means "within"

"Intra"preneurial Groups are a new form of housing which helps develop the talent of our youth. 

Often times when our young and talented minds graduate from college they are left wondering where they need to go next. These individuals have so much to offer, yet as college graduation approaches they spend all their time tailoring their resumes towards getting that entry-level job at company XYZ.. They post their resume to the internet without even knowing where they see themselves in the next year. College provides a great foundation for many different subjects. However, students often times just pick a major without a foundation for the decision. Once they receive a Bachelor's degree they are limited to one particular area of interest when they go to look for jobs. 

The only thing they do know is that they have interests lying "within". "Intra"preneurial Groups provide the stepping stone after a student completes college. Intrapreneurial Groups, or IGs house college graduates and place them into different groups based upon their interests. Housing is separated into male and female. All the incoming students are interviewed and placed into interest-based classes scheduled to meet throughout the day.

The whole idea of an "Intrapreneur" is not new and was first written about by Gifford Pinchot III in a 1978 paper written with his wife Elizabeth. The term was later mentioned by Steve Jobs in a 1985 article in Newsweek. In the article Jobs said, "The Macintosh team was what is commonly known as intrapreneurship a group of people going, in essence, back to the garage, but in a large company.”

The concept of an Intrapreneur is explained by Steve Jobs when he candidly answers the question by Newsweek. Were things generally going as you wanted them to for Apple and for Steve Jobs? Jobs says "Well, if I look at myself and ask, 'What am I best at and what do I enjoy most doing?' I think what I'm best at is creating sort of new innovative products. That's what I enjoy doing. I enjoy, and I'm best working with, a small team of talented people. That's what I did with the Apple II, and that's what I did with the Macintosh."

The role of Intrapreneurial Groups, or IGs is to provide housing and harness the interests of our youth into an innovative culture. IGs eliminate the discomfort brought onto our youth when faced with the end of their college life. IGs provide a more luxurious platform than what the Macintosh team had in the garage. The last thing IGs want for college graduates is to be living out of their car trying to pursue their interests. This is exactly where IGs step in to foster the growth of these individuals.

IGs are in the beginning phases of development in South Florida. They hope to develop a more innovative atmosphere in South Florida which rivals Silicon Valley. They also recognize 97% of start-up funding is allocated to California and New York. Only 3% of start-up funding is allocated to the rest of the 48 states. The IGs will help to channel a larger percentage of start-up funds to South Florida and its growing economy with the intention to be the global center of Intrapreneurship. 

The South Florida IG program is currently conducting seed round funding. Successful Intrapreneurs who decide to move on from the program with a solid foundation for "Entering" society as an "Entre"preneur will contribute 7.5% of their personal spending back to the program. 


The South Florida Intrapreneurial Group Housing is a Non-Profit Organization.

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