Safekeeping the Luxury of your Miami Lifestyle

Enjoyment of the luxury lifestyle includes safekeeping and access. Goldfinger had a plan to take Ft. Knox (thank you, 007); but now, enter this new version of security into South Florida: RoboVault. The multimillion dollar facility provides the safety and access to your luxury to facilitate your dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s to your life style. Built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane and winds up to 200 mph, the facility brings peace of mind in every sort of weather.

Beyond conventional storage, the contents found here include fine art, antiques, personal collections, vehicles (automated car vaults), wines (segregated area to maintain ideal conditions for aging wines), etc.

Advanced robotic technology secures the building. Your personalized biometrics secure your belongings. With the strength of the security comes the ease of your access, allowing a seamless approach to your luxury living.

Is your yacht being placed into the hands of temporary custodians for the season or for maintenance? Your important items may be packed and transported to the 5-star facility at your direction and for your peace of mind. They will be transported via RoboVault’s signature white-glove service and ready for you with a phone call.

Need a rental car after you drop off your precious vehicle? Located right across the street from RoboVault is Silver Car. Silver Car is a rental car service that rents only an Audi A4 in 14 locations across the nation. You can reserve your Audi with the Silver Car App installed on your smartphone. Once you arrive at your reserved vehicle, you can unlock it by scanning the bar code on the window and the keys will be waiting for you inside. The car comes equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi and Satellite Radio. For just a $5 fee you don't need to refuel the car before returning it. They will charge you the local premium fuel price for exactly what you used.

There is a solution to every question and a service for every need. This is LivinLux Miami Style!

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