2019 Toyota Highlander: A Midsize SUV with many Personalities

Still one of the best midsize SUVs on the road, the 2019 Toyota Highlander has not changed much from the 2018 model that I road tested. However, the 2019 Highlander added a Special Edition model and some exterior upgrades.

The Highlander handles well, is comfortable and beautifully designed inside. It offers a fuel-efficient V6 engine and is loaded with many standard and advanced safety features. A four-cylinder engine comes standard.

Shopping for a 2019 Toyota Highlander will take time to determine the best preferences and price, however. The Highlander model lineup has many options and prices to choose from, depending on your needs. The Highlander comes with 3-rows with seating for either 7 or 8 passengers.

The 2019 Highlander offers 7 trims and 13 configurations to choose from. All models come with standard front-wheel drive, but you can add all-wheel drive for about $1,500 more. The engine options range from four- to six-cylinders that can go from 185 up to 295 horsepower.

The Highlander base model LE has a standard I4 engine with front-wheel drive for $31,330 MSRP. Moving up in power and price, the Highlander LE offers an optional V6 engine with front-wheel drive for $33,380 of an all-wheel drive model for $34,840 MSRP.

Other upgrades include the Highlander LE Plus with a V6 and front-wheel drive for $36,260 or the LE Hybrid V6 with all-wheel drive for $36,970; the LE Plus V6 all-wheel drive is $37,720; the XLE V6 front-wheel drive is $39,220; the SE V6 front-wheel drive is $41,900; the Limited V6 front-wheel drive is $42,430; the Limited V6 all-wheel drive starts at $43,890; the Limited Hybrid V6 is $45,510; the Limited Platinum V6 front-wheel drive is $45,550; the Limited Platinum V6 all-wheel drive goes for $47,010; and the Limited Hybrid Platinum V6 all-wheel drive starts at $48,630 MSRP.


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