Your Next Luxury Car: Buy, Lease or Subscribe with an App?

Car subscription programs are designed to take away much of the hassle and mystery involved with buying or leasing. Simply, there is one monthly fee for most costs involved in owning a car. Also, you could drive a new vehicle every year, every week or even most every day with some programs. This form of procurement could be really enticing for those who enjoy staying on top of the latest advancements in safety, infotainment, and convenience.

Swedish automaker Volvo recently released details about a new subscription-based ownership program called Care by Volvo. Starting at $600 a month, it includes insurance, vehicle service, roadside assistance, 24/7 customer care, and replacements needed for wear-and-tear items such as brake pads and wiper blades.

Volvo isn't the only automaker offering consumers this type of deal. BMW, Hyundai, Cadillac, and Porsche all have similar subscription programs, with varying degrees of how often you can exchange a car for a new one.

Ford Canvas offers monthly subscriptions to pre-owned Ford vehicles. Cars come with everything needed to hit the road…insurance, maintenance, and warranty coverage.

As rideshare services grow, the future of mobility is uncertain for the traditional model of car ownership. Dealers are trying to get creative on a solution. FlexDrive is a vehicle subscription service that allows you to book a car from a dealership without a down payment, long-term contract, or mileage limit. It also covers maintenance and insurance and is like a lease that lasts for a few weeks.

A subscription service on steroids is FlexWheels, located in South Florida. They want to position themselves as your personal concierge by offering the right car for every occasion. You can flip to some of these vehicles:

  • SUV for a family trip (e.g. Porsche Macan GTS, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes GLS, GMC Yukon Denali)

  • A pick-up for a home project (e.g. Ford F-150 Raptor)

  • A luxury coupe for the commute (e.g. Mercedes SL, Corvette Stingray)

Some of the FlexWheels' Vehicles you can Select with the Premier Plan

After a onetime, non-refundable fee of $700, payments cover everything but gas and include up to 8 flips per month and delivery to your door of each vehicle. With no time commitment, you may cancel at any time or even pause your monthly payment if you are going out of town, for up to 275 days with a convenience fee of $260.

Easily schedule the right car for any occasion with the FlexWheels mobile app or a text. As they continue to add more Lux cars, it’s like owning your own multi-car garage! Now that’s Luxury and fits decorously with #LivinLux Miami Style!

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