Carrying in Your Groceries Just Got Easy

After three years, the idea of Gil Dezer has arrived. His 60 story tower’s most unique feature is a patented elevator lift system called the “Dezervator” which whisks both residents and their vehicles up to their luxurious home in the sky. The architectural and engineering masterpiece accommodates you, IN your car as you go up the elevator and are placed right outside your apartment in your own private garage. A transponder knows exactly what apartment you’re going to and exactly which space within the apartment. A couple of steps to your apartment and your car remains as a work of art behind a glass wall in the center of the building.

The Porsche Design Tower which had its grand opening in March of 2017

Dezer’s work with Porsche Design enables them to carry not just weight of a light Porsche with its driver, but also the heaviest of autos, the Rolls Royce, with four passengers, a minimum of about three and a half tons. Two spots not enough? The 19,403 sq. ft. penthouse has room for eleven (11) supercars.

A cutout of Porsche Design Tower displaying its interior

The building is the result of applying the philosophy of function and form to a living environment. For the outside skin they chose glass as a material. They chose a very simple and very clean cylindrical shape because they didn’t want the building to age in a bad way. Time has an effect on parts such as balconies. Instead of hanging on the outside of the building, they are integrated within the facade where they become an extension of the living area and the building retains its purist look.

The elevator system that transports your vehicle to your condo.

This opulent high-rise living with gallery-like showcasing of the owners’ unique vehicles, along with private swimming pools, private elevators and elegant accessories exemplify LivinLux, Miami style!

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