Beyond Bold

Life’s experiences will define a fashion designer’s accomplishments. Dominique Siby grew up in Gabon, Africa which has a history from Pygmies to Albert Schweitzer and a culture rich in folklore and mythology. Later, living in Paris, his style and creativity were formulated. Now in Miami, his amazing creations are delivered through his luxury clothing line, Felio Siby.

For distinction without limitations, the line includes hand-made wallets and hand bags, made of the exotic skins of python, crocodile, alligator, and ostrich. The Swiss-made watches are consistent with the extreme precision of the Force India Formula One racing team, punctuated with a 0.2 carat diamond. Far from the corporate boardrooms, this unique line of life accoutrements has the fingerprints of Dominique Siby, from creation to glorious presentation.

With the determination to fulfill his latest creative idea, Dominique Siby set out to make the first of its kind bag, made from stingray. The challenge he confronted was his team of manufacturers said it could not be done given the high degree of difficulty. With persistence and resolve Dominque pushed for his creative vision to come to fruition to make the world’s first bag made from stingray. The bag is seen pictured below with a subtle symbol indicating the stinging tail of a stingray.

Global life in the ‘through lane’ with its trimmings is not about the destination. It is the turns and hills memorialized by the finest offerings along the way. The memories of hot sands, cool waters and extreme fun are captured by the accessories from this line. They support the lifestyle, from nuance to compulsion! Now that’s LivinLux, boldly and beyond!

Pictured above is the Goran Dragic 18 carat gold watch with diamond, available this December.

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