THE Ultimate Weight Loss: To Zero

In early November, Zero-G takes flight over Miami. Board a specially modified Boeing 727 at the Miami airport where you will fly high and experience the feeling of being completely weightless. Ready in your own flight suit, G-FORCE ONE you will lift off to the sky where you will perform 15 parabolic arcs at altitudes up to 32,000 feet. As you perform these maneuvers it will allow you to flip and turn completely weightless like an astronaut in outer space.

G-FORCE ONE flies in a FAA designated airspace that is approximately 100 miles long and ten miles wide. Each parabolic maneuver will create 20 to 30 seconds of weightlessness. Alternating maneuvers allow you to feel the force of 1.8 G’s. Usually three to five parabolas are flown consecutively with short periods of level flight between each set. Specially trained pilots perform these aerobatic maneuvers which are not simulated in any way. ZERO-G’s passengers experience true weightlessness.

In addition to achieving zero gravity, G-FORCE ONE also flies a parabola designed to offer Lunar Gravity (one sixth your weight) and Martian Gravity (one third your weight). This is created by flying a larger arc over the top of the parabola.

Upon your return to Earth, you will be presented with a video of your entire experience…a testimony to your friends that you were LivinLux Miami style.

You can book your tickets for November 5th or 12th in Miami by clicking here.

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